Weirdest Tax Claims

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Anyone who works in an administrative job overlooking people’s expenses has had a “What the-” moment reading something a bit strange. Tax time is no different. We turned to the ATO to see what were some of the wackiest claims seen over the years. The weirdest part though is some of these are actually allowed if you can prove the claim is valid. Can you guess which ones are allowed?

Slip Slop Slap 
Ever tried to claim on your sunscreen or a brand new hat? Every Queenslander knows what the sun is like here. If your work requires you to be outdoors you certainly can claim on any sun protection including a nice pair of sunglasses.

The Cable Guy
Wouldn’t it be great to claim on your Foxtel? If you can justify that its related to your work, or educational – such as media agencies keeping up to date with current events you can claim it. Magazines too, whether you’re in mining or interior design – your magazine subscription counts as a work expense.

Feeling naughty? 
People have tried to claim on sex toys, lingerie and even a new boob job. Well, if you’re in that ‘line of work’ you certainly can. Unfortunately, what you do in the bedroom personally is not a tax deduction.

Planet of the Tax Deductions 
Have you ever tried to claim on your brand new apocalypse shelter? It’s surprising how many people have. Whether it’s aliens, zombies, global warming or good ole’ fashioned angered Gods unfortunately you can’t claim any sort of shelter. However, if you use it as a work place in the meantime while waiting for the martians you can claim it as a work expense.

Old Dog, New Tricks
Whether you’re a crazy cat lady or a hermit with 10 dogs, you can’t claim your furry friends as a tax deduction. Unless you need a guide dog or you can prove they’re a business expense (think working in security or sheep herding) then you’ll just have to love them for them, not their dollar value.

Party time
Anything from Xboxes, ping-pong tables to the Friday afternoon bevvies, any ‘office supplies’ required are tax deductible. As long as you keep receipts, they are used within business hours on business premises you can claim.

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