Late Tax Returns

Have you missed the tax deadline or need to file a late tax return? No problem. ITP Queensland can help! Legendary  returns with Queensland's most trusted tax service.

Were you running behind this year? We get it – life happens and taxes are the last thing on your mind.

If you haven’t lodged a tax return yet, don’t stress. Our professionals at ITP Queensland are here to help you out. So if you’ve missed this year’s tax deadline, we can:

  • liaise with the ATO on your behalf
  • prepare multiple years of returns at the same time, and
  • offer advice on best practices and how to get you back on track

Make sure to book an appointment at your nearest ITP location so we can get everything sorted for you, no matter your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I lodge a late tax return?

It can all seem quite stressful once a tax return deadline has been missed. Whether you have been tied up with work, been overseas or have missed several previous years you still need to lodge a tax return every year. Your best chance of getting up to date, as well as a great refund is by making an appointment with one of our ITP tax specialists to discuss your unique situation.  Call an office today to book your appointment and regain your peace of mind.

What if I don’t have all my documents from previous years for my tax return?

ITP Queensland’s tax specialists are still able to assist you if you are having trouble recovering information and receipts for your tax return. Our relationship with the ATO allows us to ascertain relevant information about previous years assessments and submission made against your Tax File Number.  In addition, we can give you advice on how to recover your lost information with the assistance of the ATO and their requirements to complete your return.

Are there penalties for late tax returns?

The ATO may issue late tax penalties to late or missed tax returns.  It is important to get up to date as soon as possible to avoid penalties and defaults whether you are an individual or business.

The ATO is more likely to apply a penalty if:
a) you have more than one tax return outstanding
a) you have a poor lodgement history, or
a) you have not complied with a request to lodge your tax return.

No matter what your situation we can help! Find your nearest office or call 1300 555 773