Get More In Return – For Your Loved Ones

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If partnering with Cancer Council Queensland has taught us anything it’s the importance of giving to others. Even just a portion of your tax return to benefit someone else can be invaluable.


Donate to a charity
Whether you donate $20 or $2000 – every bit counts for charity organisations. We’ve partnered with CCQ in hopes to reach a $10,000 goal. If you’d like to help us reach that goal message us on Facebook to see how you can donate (remember anything over $2 is tax deductible)

Help a loved one
Whether you have friends or family that are struggling, or you know they’re trying to save up for something important the kindest gesture can be gifting them money to help out. Chat with our tax consultants to see whether you want to gift the money or loan the money, and how this can be tax deductible as well.

Give them a gift 
The nicest gesture can be a gift for gift’s sake. Even if they don’t have a birthday coming up and Christmas is still a while away giving without expectation of return is good for the soul.

Pay it forward by paying it back
Our parents do so much for us. Besides bringing us into the world they support us in so many ways both financially and emotionally. Show them how much you appreciated it by contributing to their retirement fund, helping them settle the mortgage once and for all or simply letting them use it for the weekend away they never had when you didn’t understand the value of money.

Want to help someone out?
Find your nearest office to discuss the options
Follow our journey in Relay for Life on Facebook 
Make a donation to CCQ today