FAQ – What if I’ve missed the tax return deadline?

Maybe you were overseas, or perhaps you just ran out of time. Whatever the reason, if you’re reading this chances are you missed the tax return deadline. Our taxperts can help you with what to do if you’re in that situation.     1. Don’t panic There’s always a solution, and a whole team of…

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Winner Winner – Raffle For Life

We’ve had all sorts of fun raising donations for Cancer Council Queensland One of our donation drives ran in the form of a raffle. We guess you could kind of call it a Raffle for Life. Now that Relay for Life is sadly over today we announced the winners of our raffle. Don’t be shy – congratulate them…

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By the numbers: Relay For Life Recap

Last weekend we spent 18 hours straight raising hope (and donations) for Cancer Council Queensland  It was such a great achievement for all our teams who participated. Being accountants, we can’t help ourselves but analyse the numbers.   So by the numbers we had: 5 Teams – Tippy Toe, Happy Feet, Loose Ends, Mad Hatters and…

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What’s your threshold for Business Tax?

Labor and the Coalition are butting heads again – this time over the Business Tax threshold. Treasurer Scott Morrison has proposed a tax break for all small businesses making less than $10 million in turnover. Labor opposes the figure, suggesting the threshold should be limited to $2 million instead. So how does this affect us?…

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Insider Tax Tips #5: What not to do

Queensland couldn’t be any further away from USA, but with so much happening in American politics we just couldn’t resist. Clinton really set the bar for the first debate – have you been following it? What was interesting to us is Trump’s almost 12 year old tax files were leaked. Reports claim Trump potentially hasn’t paid tax since…

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Get More In Return – For Your Loved Ones

If partnering with Cancer Council Queensland has taught us anything it’s the importance of giving to others. Even just a portion of your tax return to benefit someone else can be invaluable.   Donate to a charity Whether you donate $20 or $2000 – every bit counts for charity organisations. We’ve partnered with CCQ in…

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Weirdest Tax Claims

Anyone who works in an administrative job overlooking people’s expenses has had a “What the-” moment reading something a bit strange. Tax time is no different. We turned to the ATO to see what were some of the wackiest claims seen over the years. The weirdest part though is some of these are actually allowed if…

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Insider Tax Tips #4: Best ways to invest your tax return

You’ve done your tax, you’re expecting your return to arrive in your account any day now but you’re still debating what to do with it. Perhaps you’re not expecting a big return, or maybe you know this will be your last big return as you’re leapfrogging another tax bracket after this year. Whatever your circumstances,…

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Insider Tax Tips #3: Overseas employees

Running a business is tricky at tax time when you depend on any overseas services. It can be a minefield trying to do the right thing by the ATO and by your employees. We’ve put together a few pointers to help you but it’s always best to book an appointment with your closest ITP Qld office if you’re not sure….

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